Pinkberry & Blik Logos

Freelance concept work done to show Pinkberry how Blik wall graphics could help their first location on Santa Monica Blvd. (Hollywood, CA) jump to life. This concept shows how one cool street artists’ designs (Undoboy) could be applied.

1. Blik the Walls

Challenge: The store was set just off the main road, barely visible to traffic driving by. I showed options to add mural art to walls and sidewalks with Blik’s removable wall graphics, grabbing more visual attention from passers-by.

Pinkberry - Outdoor Blikking

2. Customer Flow

Challenge: The store was small and customer flow was clunky and uncomfortable. Entering and exiting customers had to criss-cross each other, bumping into one another, excusing themselves and asking to squeeze through gaps in the line of entering customers. I showed how they could make a much more comfortable, smooth and logical customer flow by reversing the “start” and “end” points along the counter.

Customer Flow

3. Interactive Wall

Fun point: Blik can make cling-decals for smooth surfaces, so I suggested dedicating a wall for customers to stick and rearrange small decals in a mural they can customize alone or with others. Pinkberry could provide a couple Polaroid cameras for customers to take photos of themselves and their art.  One photo could go up on the photo wall for posterity while another goes home with the customer or to a friend. All photos would have Pinkberry’s logo on the white frame below the photo.

This was in 2006. Today, you could do the same thing with camera phones, social media and a digital photo wall, and the photos of fun at Pinkberry would travel even farther online.

Cling & Photo Wall

4. Street Art Gallery

Fun point: Since Blik’s graphics are removable and relatively inexpensive, Pinkberry could change designs on a regular basis, switching from one artist to another. I proposed they use indoor and outdoor walls and surfaces as a sort of pop-up street-art gallery. Art would change, keeping things always fresh and giving customers a reason to come back again and again.

Challenge: Since the store was small and inside seating was limited, I suggested building some simple outdoor “stoop” seating for people to enjoy. Casual and fun, more customers enjoying their yogurt outside would attract more customers walking by.

Street Art Gallery

5. Proximity Messaging

Challenge: Located around the corner, the store still wasn’t very visible. I heard of a device that could send SMS  and MMS messages to mobile phones within a certain distance away. Pinkberry could consider beaming messages and coupons to people’s phones as they walked or drove by, tempting them to turn the corner and give their new-style frozen yogurt a try. (Yes, early Blackberries and Motorola Razrs were popular at the time…)

Proximity SMS Messaging

6. Window Displays

Fun point: I showed some examples of how they could create some really interesting displays with Blik’s capabilities, playing with color, transparency/opacity and layering windows and window shades. Again, designs could be rotated frequently, creating more buzz about their displays, keeping things fresh, and allowing Pinkberry to be more daring and fun with their design styles, changing them often.

Bonus: A billboard could be seen from inside the store through Pinkberry’s window, above the buildings across the street. If Pinkberry advertised on that billboard, they would reach all the drivers on busy Santa Monica Blvd. and could also frame it as a piece of art as seen from inside the store through their window, making it another part of their quirky street-art-gallery experience.

Window Blikking