Project Design

Planning how to approach a given challenge, understand it, and identify the best possible solution; then how to design, build, test and refine it

Project Management

Implementing the plan—managing projects, actions, teams and deliverables, budgets and schedules; adapting as obstacles arise

User Insights & Experience

Understanding behaviors, beliefs, needs and barriers to ensure appropriate, effective solutions; crafting smooth and satisfying user experiences

Design Thinking & Ideation

Creative thinking coupled with insights and analysis; brainstorming infinite ideas to filter back down, arriving at innovative new solutions

Communication Strategy

Advising on what to say, to whom and how—through content, interactions, media channels, campaigns and a client's own actions

Creative Management

Directing and managing creative teams and materials from strategy to deliverables; liaising between clients and "creatives"

Past Testimonials

I care about high quality, constant learning and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. See what past clients and colleagues have to say.

  • – Marc Nichols, Green Advantage

    “Dave’s exceptional skill for marketing, message creation, strategy and development was instrumental in helping the company grow, and his work ethic was beyond question.

    His contributions and strong counsel proved invaluable and he showed everyone that hiring him was one of the smartest decisions we made as an organization. I would hire him again without hesitation, and commend him to anyone who asks.”

    – Marc Nichols, Green Advantage
  • – Bob Roth, Unity08

    “Dave is the only person I have ever managed, or worked with, that put in more hours to the job than I. When you add a true passion, dedication, and a belief in what he is doing, then you’ll find that Dave is a hard working, idealist/realist who will give his time to making the world a better place.”

    – Bob Roth, Unity08
  • – Kathy Fletcher, Useless

    “Dave is awesome in every way. He is smart, creative, independent, committed and a great team player. I would whole-heartedly recommend him for anything he puts his mind to.”

    – Kathy Fletcher, Useless

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