Project Design & Management

For any given challenge, planning the approach, processes, resources and experts needed; then implementing the plan, leading teams and adapting to the unexpected

Human-Centered Design

a.k.a. "Design Thinking," an especially effective approach to problem-solving and innovation; guiding teams to identify, produce and refine ideal solutions based on deep stakeholder insights, prototyping, feedback and iteration


Defining strategies to engage with audiences appropriately and effectively, optimized for resources and constraints; directing creative teams, content and materials from concept to deliverables

User Experience Design

Understanding and anticipating user's needs; crafting smooth and satisfying experiences and a positive brand impression throughout the user journey—products, procedures, messaging, customer service, etc.


Improving the ways we live, work and govern—in alignment with the environment, not against it; advancing behaviors and technologies that people can adopt willingly and practically

Social Innovation

Addressing pressing social needs from the developing world to the developed, through social enterprise, corporate social responsibility, humanitarian aid and development


I am passionate about the causes I work for and dedicated to delivering the highest quality of results. See what past clients and colleagues have to say.

  • – Marc Nichols, Green Advantage

    “Dave’s exceptional skill for marketing, message creation, strategy and development was instrumental in helping the company grow, and his work ethic was beyond question.

    His contributions and strong counsel proved invaluable and he showed everyone that hiring him was one of the smartest decisions we made as an organization. I would hire him again without hesitation, and commend him to anyone who asks.”

    – Marc Nichols, Green Advantage
  • – Bob Roth, Unity08

    “Dave is the only person I have ever managed, or worked with, that put in more hours to the job than I. When you add a true passion, dedication, and a belief in what he is doing, then you’ll find that Dave is a hard working, idealist/realist who will give his time to making the world a better place.”

    – Bob Roth, Unity08
  • – Kathy Fletcher, Useless

    “Dave is awesome in every way. He is smart, creative, independent, committed and a great team player. I would whole-heartedly recommend him for anything he puts his mind to.”

    – Kathy Fletcher, Useless

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